Thursday, November 11, 2010

Athirappally Vazhachal, twin waterfalls of Kerala

Waterfalls are always liked by people who like to go for picnics to restore themselves from the day to day fatigue and drudgery. They are very pleasing to the eyes and so serene and tranquil in their surrounding environment, freshens you up in no time.

These two waterfalls in Kerala - Athirapally and Vazhachaal - are just beautiful to look at with all the natural beauty of forests and greenery around them. Athirapally waterfalls is located at the entrance of the Sholayar forest Ranges. These forest rages are the famous rainforests of Kerala and a famous picnic and tourist spot on its own.

Athirapally waterfall is perched at a height of 80 meteres above the ground level. the falling water and the rippling sound it makes while flowing are the only sounds along with flora and fauna of the area. As long as you stand there time stands still for you, entrances you and takes you to another world which is your own. It brings calmness around you and takes away all the tensions and worries of the concrete jungle and leaves them somewhere behind.

Vazhachaal is just 5 kilometers away from Athirapally waterfalls. It's very picturesque natural beauty and scenery around is very entrancing and you can spend as many hours/days /months/ years there without wanting to know anything of what is happening in the outside world.

Both the waterfalls are on the road to Valparai, another hill station in the area. The area is well known for the highest number of Elephant habitats. This is in the crucial corridor between Paramikulam and Malayatoor sector.

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