Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Precautions to be taken while travelling to Sabarimala

Dos and Don'ts to be taken care of before travelling to Sabarimala
Before you decide to travel to Sabarimala  you have to know that it is not just a tour and travel like other sight seeing trips.  You will have to go through hardships while doing that.  The hill is very dense and the altitude increases as you climb.  If you have some health problems it could give you some problem as the oxygen level decreases as you climb the hill.

Have a check up and consult doctor before starting for the pilgrimage
The pilgrims who are suffering from heart ailments, , diabetes , blood pressure and high cholesterol are asked to consult their docors first, get advice from them and then embark on the trip. You can undergo a medical check up including ECG.

They should also avoid going to Sabarimala during the peak seasons when there are too many on the premises. they are asked to carry a small notepad or a diary with all their maladies and their prescriptions mentioned by the doctors. Under no circumstances they should stop taking the medicines unless advised by their physician.

Steps to be taken for the Heart patients 
The persons who are suffering from heart ailments should climb the hill slowly and take the slopes one by one taking rest in between.  Always keep a check on your pulse. If it goes above 140 beats per minute or shows irregular patterns stop and ask for the services of a doctor.

Take rest when you need / feel like
Never climb as soon as you finish your full meals, take always light meals when you are climbing. while you are climbing if you feel breathless  stop immediately and seek help from the medical camps  and oxygen parlours, there will be volunteers to help you out.
If you fel sweating, giddiness and tiredness  etc you might be suffering from hypoglycemia  or less sugar in the blood syndrome. so do not stop ny medicines you are supposed to take during your climb. If needed take help.

For other pilgrims also there are some  steps to be followed
Breathlessness - At any time while you are climbing the hill you might feel breatlessness and the reasons can be many. Asthma, bronchitis and heavy smoking  can produce these attacks. The atmosphere enroute  is likely to be polluted with dust , smoke and low temperature and so please consult  your doctor or the doctors at the temple.  Ge yourself attended to and do not be careless.  It would be better for you ta start taking the medicines before you leave for the pilgrimage.

Pollution in the water bodies could be there and so try and drink only boiled and cooled water or hot water.
Persons with infectious diseases should not undertake the pilgrimage until the infection has been cured. You have to be sure bout the sanitation and cleanliness.

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