Monday, April 8, 2013

Varayadumotta, a place to see Zebra in Kerala

Varayadumotta  is situated in the vicinity of Peringammala Village and placed at about 26 kilometers from the village, in the Thiruvananthapuram district of the state of Kerala. Next to Rajamala you can see Nilgiri Tahrs in Varayadumotta in Kerala. If you can see, photograph and mingle easily with Nilgiri Tahrs at Rajamala, you cannot even see them clearly here. They run and hide when they hear human sounds.

You will be able to see elephants only early in the mornings or after dusk. In the daytime they will hide inside the Shola Forests.

Places to Visit around Varayadumotta
Meenmutty Falls

Best time to visit Varayadumotta - October to March

How to Reach Varayadumotta?
If you are travelling by air, Thiruvananthapuram is the nearest international airport, located at about 44 kilometers away. You can take either a cab or a bus which goes to Ponmudi to reach Varayadumotta.
If you are travelling by rail, Thiruvananthapuram Central is the nearest Junction. You can either take a cab from there or take the bus to Ponmudi.
If you are travelling by road, from thiruvananthapuram, you can take the highway to go Ponmudi, on the way take deviation to Golden Valley at about 44 kilometers and reach Mottamoodu. You will be trekking for the remainng 6 kilometers.

Accommodation Facilities at Varayadumotta
Ponmudi  KTDC Golden Peak
Tel : 0472 2890225
Mob : 8381388525
If you are travelling by Bus, you can get down at Golden Valley. The nearest Bus stations are Nedumangad  and Vithura. You can get KSRTC buses plying to Ponmudi from Thiruvananthpuram ( Thampanoor ) and Nedumangad.

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