Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ostrich Holidays, Kaloor, Kochi

About Ostrich Holidays, tour operators
Ostrich Holidays are Tour Operators  who are skilled and dedicated professionals where the task force is geared up to offer the best  of services  to the guests.  They aim togive the guests the best of tour packages  and services  which make their holiday memorable  and relaxing for them.

Ostrich Holidays  operate from their Kaloor office in Ernakulam and provide various services  to their clients.  They offer their arranged tour packages of different or arrange  tour packages as per the wishes of their clients. They also provide accommodation  and other facilities needed for travel.

For more details you can contact the below mentioned address.

Ostrich Holidays
Door No F2109,
International Stadium,
Kaloor, Kochi - 682017,
Kerala, India
Tel: 0484 3291996 / 2334787
Mob :  09447187088,  / 9447260358  / 9495987088 / 9446538088
Email : travel@ostrichtours.com, holidays@ostrichtours.com

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